The Wonderland party at the WARPP nightclub (Saint Petersburg) with the support of E-ON_06. 03. 2021_ANOUNSMENT

On March 6 2021 the Wonderland party with the support of E-ON ENERGY DRINK will be held at the WARPP nightclub with the participation of musician Izhevski

Wonderland is a real fairy tale filled with charming melodic motifs.

Mysterious characters will accompany guests of the event to the universe full of unexplained wonders, where a bright show will be waiting for them from the stigma show, a market of outlandish goods, good music and fairy godmothers dancing among the velvet cloudsJ.

The highlight of the night will be performance of the musician Izhevski (All Day I Dream) and also the creators of Wonderland - Valer den Bit and Nikita Grib.

This night magical, harmonious music will charge every participant of the party with a magical mood, and E-ON ENERGY DRINK will provide a charge of endless energy and drive!

WARPP night club, Saint Petersburg, Liteynyi Prospect, b. 53

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