The new super flavors of FRESH BAR!

We are pleased to inform you that FRESH BAR launched two new bright and refreshing flavors at once!
Only natural ingredients and the perfect combination of orange, lemon and lime juices, as well as bright, juicy, ‘refreshing’ and stylish design - all these are new ORANGE BLAST and CITRUS ICE!

The start of sales of new flavors took place on March 23 in Penza and soon they will be available to consumers throughout the country!

Why these flavors?

  • The taste of Citrus is the second most popular in the market.
  • Russian consumers traditionally like orange and lemon flavors - Fanta / Sprite, Buratino, Sitro, Limonad.

How do the new flavors stand out from other competitors?

  • The perfect combination of orange, lemon and lime juice, which resulted in a familiar but at the same time unique flavor.
  • Only natural ingredients.
  • Bright, juicy, ‘refreshing’ and stylish design.

GC SNS Press Service
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