SYSTEM 4.0 in ARTPLAY (St. Petersburg) with the support of E-ON_14.04.2018_PREVIEW

On April 14 in St. Petersburg in the fashionable art space ARTPLAY with the support of E-ON ENERGY DRINK the festival SYSTEM 4.0 will take place.

Design Center ARTPLAY, Saint-Petersburg, Krasnogvardeyskaya Square, 3

Program of the event:
For the duration of SYSTEM 4.0, two large-scale dance floors, cool scenery, powerful sound and light installations, complementing the industrial atmosphere of the site, will be located in the fashionable art space ARTPLAY.
The headliner of the event will be the famous Boris Brejcha who was called a unique musician with a great future by the German magazine Raveline.

SYSTEM 4.0 is expected to become one of the most powerful, memorable and unique events in the chronology of the city!

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