SNS-Tyuman completed the project Rebranding

The project Rebranding is continuing in GC SNS: at the end of September SNS-Tyuman branch team moved to the new comfortable office, which has been created according to a design project developed by architects especially for the GC SNS which is based on the highest standards of comfort, practicality and design. To make the housewarming as festive as possible, the branch team was handed a delicious gift from the Company-corporate branded cake!

The employees SNS-Tyuman rate their new workspace as excellent and were happy to share their impressions:

Dmitriy Popov, General Director of the branch:
«The move was positive. The whole team is happy with the new workspace. Thanks to the management of the Company for excellent working conditions. It was also very nice to get a housewarming cake. The team got together and celebrated the move in a positive atmosphere».

Aleksandr Kozlov, Supervisor:
«The new office is excellent: bright spacious room, comfortable atmosphere and a good rest room. The whole team is positive! Thanks for Rebranding and of course for delicious housewarming cake».

Tuktasyn Abajdullin, Warehouse Supervisor of the branch:
«Chic design, high-quality repair, comfortable atmosphere – it is all about our new office. It is very pleasant to come to work in the morning and see this beauty around you. I can see from the reaction of my colleagues that they are as pleased as I am J».

Congratulations to the branch team on their move! We wish new victories in your new office!

Realization of the Rebranding project is continuing in accordance with the Company's plans.

Rebranding is one of the large-scale and significant projects of GC SNS, in which the branches of the Company across the country gradually introduced updated standards of finish and equipment offices and warehouses.


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