SNS-Novokuznetsk completed the project Rebranding

At the end of August SNS-Novokuznetsk branch team moved to the new comfortable office created according to the project (developed by architects for GC SNS specifically), which is based on the highest standards of comfort, practicality and design.

And the beginning of September colleagues celebrated the housewarming with delicious gift from the Company-corporate branded cake!

SNS-Novokuznetsk employees rated the new workspace as «excellent» and shared their impressions:

Igor Sumin, General Director of the branch:
«I am glad that our long-awaited move took place! The team works in a large bright office with modern furniture, new office equipment and beautiful break room. I'd like to note a huge plus for drivers and SR-warm boxes for cars. All employees are happy with the new workplaces»

Olga Bogdanova, Sales Representative:
«Excellent new office: high-quality repair, modern design, convenient infrastructure. Thanks to the Company for a pleasant surprise at the housewarming – a very delicious branded cake. Me and the whole branch team in common are very happy»

Nikolay Korolev, Assistant to the General Director of branch for administrative issues:
«I feel pleasant shock from movingJ ! I took part in the repair work of the new office and I'm very happy with the result: everything is made with high quality and thought out to the last detail. It was very nice to get a housewarming cake. Celebration went well»

Congratulations to the branch team with the move! We wish new victories in your new office!

Realization of the Rebranding project is continuing in accordance with the Company's plans.

Rebranding is one of the large-scale and significant projects of GC SNS, in which the branches of the Company across the country gradually introduced updated standards of finish and equipment offices and warehouses.

GC SNS Press Service

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