SNS Honours/2016-2017

From September 1 2016 to July 7 2017 GC SNS held its third SNS Honours event: part of one of its biggest and longest-running projects, which was open to absolutely all employees’ school-age children throughout the country.

To get into the final of the competition children had to get excellent marks throughout the school year (no ‘3’s), to take part in Olympiads and other competitions in various school subjects and then share their success with the Company by sending in copies of their reports and school journals.

In assessing the results the organizers reviewed hundreds of reports and journals. 53 pupils  made it into the finals and got prizes from the GC SNS, including the eventual winner, Anastasia Estratikova (a daughter of Aleksandr Estratikov, the National Manager for Work with Key Clients, the Head Office, Moscow).

The SNS Honors project once more proves that our company does not just value and reward its employees who work well and professionally but also supports their family values and their children’s potential and talent.


Source: GC SNS Press Service

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