Rebranding Project completed in SNS-Ulyanovsk and SNS-Tver

GC’s SNS major Rebranding Project is under way: its purpose is to improve employees’ working conditions throughout the country. At the end of 2016 the SNS-Ulyanovsk and SNS-Tver branch teams moved into new offices.


Oleg Peredereev, Director  General of the Branch:
”The new office is much more accessible both for employees and for freight vehicles”.


Evgeny Kirin, Sales Representative:
“It’s a real pleasure to work in the new, contemporary and innovative office. For me this is like a housewarming- and it’s a witness to the Company’s development and success”.

We congratulate employees on the move and wish them success in their work in the new office!

НК_2017-01-11_Ребрендинг Ульяновск Тверь_1.jpg

НК_2017-01-11_Ребрендинг Ульяновск Тверь_2.jpg

Source: GC SNS Press Service

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