Powerful integration of E-ON in the video Patsany 2 by the popular youth artist Gone Fludd

E-ON keeps conquering the music industry!!

This time the brand was integrated into the video for the track Patsany 2 by the popular youth artist Gone Fludd: by plot, the musician is charged with E-ON energy at the party.

The brand integration video has already received the most powerful coverage:

-the clip has received more than 1 570 000 views;

- the teaser clip has received more than 260 000 views;

- on Gone Fludd's Instagram profile the video-post of the clip with E-ON integration has gained more than 350 000 views;

- also the release of the new video Gone Fludd was actively supported by different media and other musicians (Eldar Jarakhov, Janix, LSP, Toaster magazine), that gave additional coverage - more than 3 850 000 views! 

Thus after only 1.5 weeks since the release of the clip with E-ON integration, its reach is already more than 7 050 000 views!

And this figure keeps growing.

But the positive news does not end with the impressive figures for video views:

The video Patsany 2 with the integration of E-ON was longlisted for the international Berlin Music Video Awards


Press office of GC SNS

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