Positive news the Rebranding project

We are glad to share the next positive news of the Rebranding project: in October three branches of GC moved to new comfortable offices: SNS-Elektrostal, SNS-Stavropol and SNS-Omsk!

Now colleagues will reach the next heights in business in the new working spaces created by the special project of GC SNS, which is based on the highest standards of comfort, practicality and design.

As part of a new tradition at the housewarming the teams of branches received a sweet present from the Company branded cake.

Colleagues rated the new workspaces as "excellent" and shared their impressions:


Yan Sugrovskii, General Director of the branch:
«The new office is great! Want to come to work and I do not want to leaveJ. The housewarming was very positive. My whole team is happy with the new office and the celebration with a cake on the occasion of the move»

Irina Kulakova, Chief Account of the branch:
«I really like our new office: convenient location, quality repairs, beautiful design, comfortable atmosphere. I also hear only positive comments from my colleagues. Also thanks for the cake! Very tasty and positively celebrated with the team housewarming»

Aleksandr Gorbunov, Supervisor:
«I am very happy with the move to the new office. Now the office is located super convenient, and in it - a super repair and everything is done efficiently and wisely. In common everything is in style of SNS J. Thanks for the delicious cake»


Oleg Gumjachev, General Director of the branch:
«The new office is cool! After moving me and my whole team got a lot of positive from the new workspace: stylish renovation, lots of light, spacious rooms»

Evgenii Bezklubov, Supervisor:
«The new office is cool! After moving me and my whole team got a lot of positive from the new workspace: stylish renovation, lots of light, spacious rooms»

Andrei Chernov, Warehouse Supervisor of the branch:
«Amazing office and warehouse. Absolutely everything is thought out to the smallest details and made to work effectively. From colleagues I heard only positive feedback. Thanks to the Company for these conditions!»


Konstantin Aul, General Director of the branch:
«Great office! New is new. But we have a plus to everything that all the things were made efficiently and wisely: convenient location of the office with good traffic interchange in the premises a lot of light and comfortable furniture. But especially I want to note the warm garage for cars. For our harsh Siberian winters this is extremely important!»

Marina Erfort, Territorial HR Director:
«I can say only good things about our new office: space, beauty, stylish design and plenty of light! Thanks to the Company for the opportunity to work in such an excellent conditions and thanks for the sweet gift for housewarming-cake. The whole team of the branch highly appreciated its creative design and taste»

Andrei Nasilevskii, Supervisor:
«We like absolutely everything in our new office: repair, furniture, location and a separate comfortable kitchen where you can have a lunch in peace. All colleagues are also very happy and enjoy the comfortable atmosphere»

Congratulations to the branch teams on the move! We wish you positive and productive work in the new place!

Realization of the Rebranding project is continuing in accordance with the Company's plans.
Rebranding is one of the large-scale and significant projects of GC SNS in which the branches of the Company across the country gradually introduced updated standards of finish and equipment offices and warehouses.


GC SNS Press Service

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