News 11 years of the club journal _28.04.18_REPORT

On 28 April held a big party, 11 Years of the Club Journal, - to celebrate its 11th birthday.   E-ON ENERGY DRINK co-organised the event, and gave guests the chance to boost their mood and energy levels throughout the night.

Programme: held a big party to celebrate its 11th birthday:   3 fab dance floors, famous throughout the city, and, of course, world-class musicians: SCSI-9 (a joint export-quality Russian techno project led by Anton Kubikov and Maxim Milyutenko) and Kovyazin D (one of Moscow’s most popular DJs and musicians, who has a long list of performances under his belt and has released many vinyl LPs).

Klassika Zhanra Bar/ Restaurant, Garage Underground club, secret place.

Photo report:

EON_Geometri_11-лет_28.04.18_Отчет (1).jpg

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