GC SNS’s Requests program has registered 17 million tasks

The amount of business tasks initiated by the company’s employees in the framework of the corporate Requests IT product has exceeded the 17-million mark (since the moment the program was released in 2003). This grandiose figure is a clear marker of the number of processes implemented each day by employers on their way to realizing their goals. And it is the unique Requests program, created for effective and systematic business management, that helps them do it effectively. The programs functionality is almost unlimited, and with no exaggeration, it realizes most of the Company’s processes.

Interesting facts about Requests:

  • The unique BPM system was developed by GC SNS group programmers in 2003, especially for the company’s business requirements;

  • As with everything in the GC SNS, Requests in constantly being improved, promptly responding to the needs of the business;
  • Today, 1,656 of the Company’s employees are registered on the program;
  • The most active users of Requests are the employees of the department of trade marketing and distribution, the finance department, and the communications and HR department . They register the greatest number of headlines;
  • Requests (including attached files) takes up about 2,250 GB on the server, the same amount of space as 460 copies of the movie Deadpool 2 in HD 1080 quality;
  • Around 75,000 tasks have been registered in Requests since the beginning of July. And this number is increasing every minute;
  • The work capacity of Requests is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year;
  • According to expert predictions, 20 million tasks will by registered in the system by 2020;
  • Key system characteristics:
    - flexibility: it is easily customized to a ToR and the requirements of the specific user;
    - control and transparency: all of the process’s participants see the current task status and the progress of its implementation;
    - convenience: automatic messages about the status of tasks come via mail;
    - visibility and storage: any task completed in the past can be found, as well as what it was and how and by whom it was done.

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