GC SNS launches a campaign to help state medical facilities in the cities where the Company has branches throughout the country.

In the framework of the current situation with coronavirus GC SNC made decision to make its contribution in providing effective treatment of citizens and the safety of medical professionals.

In the framework of this initiative GC SNS will provide targeted assistance to state medical facilities located in the cities where the Company's branches are located (more than 100 branches throughout the country).

Format of the help:
providing the most necessary things now-disposable disposable masks, gloves, etc. (depending on the actual needs of the medical facilities that are identified by the company's representatives in the cities where the branches are located).

Goals of the action:
1. make a contribution in providing effective treatment of citizens and safety of medical workers;
2. to attract the attention of Russian business of various scales to the problem of the lack of protection supplies and to offer business to join the initiative of GC SNS.

Hashtag of the action:
#бизнеспоможет_gcsns (#businesswillhelp_gcsns)

Elena Dubankova, Head of Corporate Communications Department of GC SNS:
«We do not want to stay out of the state's help in the fight against coronavirus and we will contribute to this difficult but very important task for all of us. We also encourage Russian business representatives of any scale who have the opportunity to join this initiative. We are confident that joining efforts even a small contribution from business will bring all of us closer to victory over COVID-19!

Certainly, responsibility and safety must begin first of all with ourselves. That is why in our Company, all employees whose specific work allows them to effectively carry out their professional activities on remote access, were promptly transferred to work from home. The main part of the team that needs to be present in the office or whose work involves traveling, are provided with all the necessary protection and strictly observe all safety measures. Thereby, today, among more than 4,800 of our employees across the country, there is not a single case of coronavirus infection! ».

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