First All-Russian Conference «Labelling of tobacco for retail»

The share of illegal cigarettes in Russian market has been growing steadily in recent years, which affects both tobacco manufacturers and distributors due to losses and consumers from low-quality products. The current situation has been affected by the lack of a mandatory digital marking system to date, which makes it possible to effectively monitor the production and turnover of cigarettes.

But 2019 was a turning point for the illegal tobacco market and marked the beginning of the project on the labeling of tobacco products in our country.

Since July this year ciggies and cigarettes will be marked with a two-dimensional code. The bar code will be applied to each pack and each block of cigarettes and contain information that can confirm the authenticity of the product: brand name, date, place and time of production.

Due to the global nature and importance of this project on April 19 ATOL company  together with the Center For The Development Of Advanced Technologies will hold the First all-Russian Conference Tobacco Marking For Retail where participants will receive relevant information, all the subtleties and nuances of the implementation of the marking system, practical skills (demonstration of the process of connecting a retail point to the Honest MARK marking system), as well as information about ready-made it solutions for stores of any formats (suppliers of online cash registers, barcode scanners, developers of software and electronic document management, fiscal data operators will demonstrate their own solutions that are compatible with the marking system Honest MARK).

GC SNS as one of the leading distributors of tobacco products in Russia and a Company that meets all modern standards of it innovation takes part in the experiment on the labeling of tobacco products.


GC SNS Press Service

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