Code of SNS Group of Companies: principles and rights

The SNS Group Corporate Code, SNS: Principles and Rights, has now been issued: it is a roadmap for the Group, with clear signposts!

The Code contains summaries of the main comments from SNS’ shareholders’ and employees who have reached a high professional level in the Company and have a clear vision of what stands behind the great victories of GC!

The publication is divided into two parts:

  • principles of work in GC SNS (a list of rules that should be observed by all employees in the course of their daily work);
  • rights of employees of GC SNS (in accordance with the principles of open and honest cooperation, this sets out employees’ rights).

We are confident that the Code will help introduce new employees to the company’s principles right from the beginning, as well as refreshing the memories of experienced employees!

GC SNS Press Service

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