Ahead of Time. Family values: the final issue in the history of the corporate magazine GC SNS

We are pleased to announce the publication of special issue of the corporate magazine GC SNS – Ahead of Time. Family values!

The uniqueness of this issue is off the scale: in the history of the magazine Ahead of Time is the first issue with such content and also this issue – is the final in print!

In Ahead of Time. Family values we told about those who inspire SNS people on SUCCESS: about families of heroes of issue who we chose on simple, but capacious criteria: result, achievements and experience in GC. These are the people who you want to take follow suit.

This issue demonstrates how important it is for everyone who daily goes forward and reaches hard, to have a reliable home front and support-a family!

Of course we do not say goodbye, but only develop and move in a new and interesting direction – the digital space.

Because such a large-scale and ambitious Company as SNS can not ignore the trend of digitalization, which rapidly gain momentum.

A new era of communication between Company and employees is just around the corner! All the exciting things are ahead.

GC SNS Press Service

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